Get Creative with wooden pallets…make your own tables

Pallets are becoming popular for custom indoor furniture constructions, you may also be in need of some custom furniture pieces, so why not make your dreams come true by using rustic pallets without having to pay a dime? Checkout this DIY mini pallet table-all your need are some chairs and you have a nice little table for your back porch…or wherever! The role of mini tables for you sitting plans is pretty versatile as they are to perform multiple tasks there at one time like they can hold some vases or pots for garnishing of your sitting set, can hold beverage mugs to make your hands free to use while conversing with friends, and even hold your books, mobile phones and journals!

With a little time and ingenuity you can create some nifty pieces for your deck or even inside your home.

If you ask around chances are you can grab some pallets for free-all you need to do is ask. Most businesses leave them sitting around because they don’t know what to do with them, so basically they’re free for the asking. You can keep your designs simple or with a little extra time and money spruce them up-it’s all up to you. Be sure to read my article on using pallets for garden planting.

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