Outdoor Handmade Furniture Options for your Backyard

There is no denying the fact that handmade furniture is luxurious and looks extremely beautiful. It is more of a style statement which defines your personality. Once you have decided to buy expensive, handmade furniture for your patio, the next thing needs you to decide which items to buy.
There is a range of handmade furniture items available in the market which you can choose from. It is better to seek professional help, of a home designer, for the purpose. But, if want to do it yourself then be very specific with buying things, as one wrong choice can impede the beauty of your place.
Here, we have discussed some of the common handmade wooden furniture options, you can add to your place.
Handmade Wooden Chaise Lounge
An adjustable chaise lounge made of pure wood is a must have for your patio. These not only look classy and beautiful but are comfortable as well. If you have an outdoor pool, you can adjust chaise lounges around it. However, if you don’t have one, you can still have these in your backyard.
Chaise lounges are extremely relaxing. With summer looming large over us and days of the sun soaking already upon us, make sure you have a couple of these in your backyard. Buying the ones handmade from wood is a good option as they will last for longer times.
Outdoor Dining Table
Nothing beats the fun and excitement of having breakfast with your family in the open, during summers. Enjoying delicious food while soaking the heat of the sun is a unique experience in itself.
Buying a simple dining set, made from wooden pallets is a good option. It is less expensive compared to designer made, the state of the art, dining tables.
Wicker Sectional Sofa Set
Your patio is incomplete if it lacks proper sitting options. You have a well-furnished backyard, with stone flooring, fire pit, and beautiful flowers all around, but it lacks a proper sitting options then all the decorations are good for nothing.
If you want to buy a sofa for your backyard which offers luxury, comfort, and style then a wicker sectional sofa set is the best choice. There are wicker patio sets which are handmade using pure wood. So, choose one which suits best with your overall settings and enjoying spending quality time with your friends and family.
Mopani Chair
If you haven’t decided on buying a Mopani Chair for your backyard then do it now. A Mopani Chair is another name of comfort. With extending back, wide arm rests, and slanted seat, these chairs offer best-sitting experience.
Mopani Chairs are handmade from wood. You can buy one online for your home. Moreover, you can paint them to elevate their beauty and long life.
Planter Bench
Of the many things you need to have in your patio, one is a planter bench. A planter bench is a wooden framework having two pots at some distance from the each other. The pots are used for growing different plants while the space between the pots is covered by wooden planks which serve the purpose of the bench.
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5 Top Tips to Protect your Handmade Backyard Furniture

Your house is a special place and you shouldn’t leave any efforts undone to make it look more beautiful and worth living. The backyard of your house is an important place as it can add to your living space. For instance, by simply installing upholstery in your patio, you can create space for parties, dinners, and other get together.
Furniture makes a vital part of your backyards and patios. It is a common practice to use handmade furniture which is both expensive and rare. You wouldn’t want climate pushing you spend a fortune on new patio furniture, every couple of years.
To avoid money slipping out of your hands, make sure you protect your handmade backyard furniture from the extremities of weather. Here, we have devised a list of the things which you can do to avoid your furniture going into waste.
Patio Enclosures
This might be a bit expensive solution at first, but the benefits a patio enclosure will bring with itself are many.
• Provide necessary protection to your furniture from changing weather
• Add living space to your house
• Increase market value of your home
Of the three, protection to your expensive furniture tops the list of benefits which you will reap from having one around your house.
Patio Umbrellas
Another solution, to the problem of damaging furniture, includes the use of patio umbrellas. You can call a professional service provider and get a couple of umbrellas adjusted in your backyard. They will provide the necessary protection against sun and rain, the two most damaging weather conditions.
Patio umbrellas are available in multiple colors allowing you to choose the ones which suit best with your handmade outdoor furniture.
Use Weather Resistant Covers
You can easily find weather proof furniture covers for your outdoor furniture. These covers provide requisite stealth, not only against weather but also against fire and other similar atrocities.
The weather resistant covers are made from synthetic materials which are specially designed to serve the purpose.
Paint, Varnish, UV Protection Sprays
Another solution to the problem of handmade furniture damage, at the hands of weather, involves the application of weather resistant liquids and sprays. You can use paint, varnish, and UV protection sprays for the purpose.
• Paint: Paints, being synthetic chemicals, form a protective layer on your furniture. They not only make your upholstery resistant to sun and rain but also gives them vibrant colors, further enhancing their beauty.
• Varnish: Painting varnishes on your furniture makes them resistant to weather and the sun.
• UV Protection Sprays: You will easily find UV protection sprays in the market. Spraying them makes your furniture less prone to damaging effects of UV rays.
Inspect Intermittently
The handmade furniture which you have bought for yourself is extremely expensive. It is necessary to maintain a proper check on its conditions and if you find it losing its originality, seek help from professionals.
You can also sell your old furniture when it’s in good condition and buy a new one by adding a little more money to what you got. This will add variety to your range of furniture and you will not have to worry about deteriorating furniture as well.

How to Get New Furniture on a Budget

Furniture is an essential part of our homes. A house is not a house without it. There are multiple innovative designs of furniture available in the market. The signature designs, the creativity, these are the components that raise the quality of the furniture. A little creativity goes a long way, in a similar manner; getting good furniture for your house would last a longer and would look better.
Most people think that buying new things mean buying expensive. This is because it has become quite a difficult task for people to get new furniture without breaking the bank. However, upgrading the furniture can be an exciting event. Here are a few tips for you to buy your new furniture within your budget:
1. Determine Your Budget:
Even if you have a large amount aside for the furniture, it is still wise for you to plan your budget. First of all, start by noting the most essential items that you need for your house, or the particular room. It is difficult to replace everything in one go, thus, purchasing the most important piece of furniture would allow you to stay in budget. You can get the next important items later, for instance, the dresser, side tables, etc. Once you plan your budget, you would not be able to overspend. Moreover, the better option is to build one room at a time.
2. Clearance Sales or Garage Sales:
The best option for you is to look for clearance sales in your area. Most of the retailers often sale the models of last season at a remarkable discount, which makes it easy for buyers to get a great deal. The discounted set of furniture, from last season, would probably cost you as much as a single piece of new furniture would. Other than that, you can also look in garage or yard sales, as well as flea markets. Look for sets of furniture in the sale instead of a single piece of furniture, to save more cash.
3. Multi-purpose Furniture:
It is a wise decision to choose furniture with multiple functions in order to use them for a longer period of time. Shopping on a budget does not necessarily mean that you have to abandon style and multifunctional objects. The multifunctional pieces of furniture are best for people who are moving into a new house, because it allows them to be light on their budget. Try getting objects like a daybed, which can be effortlessly transformed into a couch. Buying such pieces of furniture would fulfill your basic needs. Plus, it would serve as two pieces of furniture merged into one.

Furthermore, try to polish your creativity by settling the furniture set yourself, instead of hiring workers, or an interior designer. Give the final touches yourself and add an extra dash of style to your house.

Cleaning Tips for Patio Furniture

Furniture is the most essential part of a house, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The maintenance of your furniture is very important in order to preserve it for a longer time. The charm of the house is maintained with the preservation of the furniture, especially the furniture in your patio.
Rather than changing your furniture, it is better that you save it from wearing out, using different techniques. Most people want to keep their furniture clean using economical tips and methods. Sustaining furniture requires a lot of time and effort. A regular cleaning procedure would do wonders for your furniture. Here are a few cleaning tips for you to clean your patio furniture:
1. Wipe It:
The first and foremost thing that you have to keep in mind is the material of the furniture. It does not matter even if the furniture is made of wood, aluminum, wicker, etc., because you can wipe it with a cloth. Use a clean piece of cloth or a duster to remove the dust from the chairs and the tables. Do not use a damp cloth in the case of iron furniture to avoid rusting. A regular cleanup process is required for the protection of your furniture because it is exposed to direct sunlight and air, etc. Repeat this process every day.
2. Wash It:
For this job, you need a double-sided, non-scratch type of a sponge or scrub brush. You can use a laundry soap to wash your patio furniture, if it is made of plastic, wicker, or wood. Squeeze out the excess water from the sponge to avoid any sort of damage to the furniture paint. Wash the surface of the furniture thoroughly, and repeat this process once a week, at least. Let the furniture sun dry after wash. In case of iron furniture, sand the surface before wash and wipe it with a dry cloth properly after wash.
3. Protect It:
It does not matter if you clean your furniture daily or weekly if you are not going to take precautionary measures to protect it. To protect your furniture from getting spoiled from direct exposure, apply oil onto the surface to maintain the color and finish. You can use teak oil to apply on the patio furniture, or you can even use vegetable oil or baby oil. If you have iron patio furniture, then you can apply paint primer on it. Wrap your furniture with a plastic cover in winters in order to protect it from air, moisture, and snow.

Among all the patio furniture types, plastic and aluminum furniture is the easiest to clean. However, don’t use harsh brushes or any rough cleaners on your furniture, because they can scratch the surface. We hope that the aforementioned patio furniture cleaning tips help you maintain your furniture for a longer time.

7 Benefits Of Teak Wood Patio Home Furniture

Teak is considered to be a perennial favorite, when people are thinking about purchasing outdoor furniture. It’s dense and closed grained structure, and the fact that it is an extremely hard type of wood makes teak the perfect pick, if you want to choose furniture for your backyard.
Moreover, in terms of being exceptionally beautiful and striking, teak wood furniture tops the list. Above all, the number of styles, textures and colors people might get in teak wood patio furniture are amazingly countless. However, there are people unfamiliar with the benefits of using teak wood patio wood, in order to manufacture their home furniture.
1. Exceptional Durability:
Teak wood patio furniture comes from natural and mature teak wood, which is famous for its durability, strength and capability to withstand harsh environments. Hence, if you have teak wood patio furniture sets at your home, you won’t have to buy furniture every now and then.
2. Easily Cleanable:
Wiping, brushing and a few touches here and there are perfect to keep your teak wood patio furniture shining for the rest of the week. This means that you do not have to spend hours at cleaning each and every corner of your furniture set.
3. Strength:
Being extremely strong is one of the significant and talked about qualities of teak wood patio furniture. It helps in providing exceptional longevity, and can stand large items, when placed on such furniture sets. Moreover, teak wood patio furniture also helps you when you have a lot of people coming in, uninvited, as it can hold a lot of pressure within itself.
4. Affordable Maintenance:
A big cleaning at home every month is what is needed to keep your teak wood patio furniture shining and topnotch. The natural strength and durability of these furniture sets already contribute a lot to their longevity, which helps you in cutting large corners on maintenance.
5. Weatherproof:
If you have outdoor furniture made out of teak wood patio, you need not put it in the storage – time after time. This is because teak wood furniture is completely weatherproof, and can stand any kind of weather, which prevails in your area.
6. Exquisite Outlook:
Although people might think that teak wood is only famous for its strength and durability, but the truth is, teak wood patio home furniture is one of the most exquisite sets of furniture you can have for your home. It provides an exceptionally beautiful outlook, and complements the ambience of your home, as well as your backyard.
7. Eco-Friendly Components:
Unlike VOC’s and plastic, teak wood is made with natural sources and is completely renewable. Teak tree is a fast growing plant, and it does not let the land stay dull for a long period of time. This also prevents you from contributing negatively in the environment.
Teak wood patio home furniture is one of the best, when we are talking about backyard or outdoor furniture. One of the main reasons for that is that this kind of furniture can stand any sort of weather, and still regain its beauty, around the clock!

Tree Stumps for Handcrafted Furniture Who knew? Part II

In case you’re wondering if you really need to remove the bark, the answer is yes! If you don’t, over time it’ll loosen and fall off on its own leaving you with a crappy looking table.

If the bark happens to be stubborn… do the same thing but with wood chisels. They’re sharper and will cut through the fibers between the bark and the stump better than a pry bar. Be careful not to slice into the wood with the chisel. When it’s dried out the stump might split a bit. That’s fine as it just gives your table character!

Now the stump needs to be sanded to get all the little hairs and slivers off it. You need a smooth stump, so get rid of all the hairs. Sand until you can run your hand over the stump and it has a smooth texture.

Once your stump is smooth wipe it with a damp, lint free cloth or a tack cloth. You’ll notice a lot of wood dust will come off. You can leave your table as is, or give it a finish.

If there are any sections where you accidentally took too much of the wood off you can cover it with some stain. Grab your chosen stain color and wipe it onto the light portion of your wood with a paper towel. It darkens it up enough to make it blend in better. There will still be a color variation, just not quite as noticeable. Let your stain soak in and dry. Then get some fast drying polyurethane and a natural bristle brush and seal the entire stump.

After your first coat dries gently sand off any bumps. After you’re done sanding it will leave a white haze. Nothing to worry about. It’ll disappear once you apply another coat of finish. Your stump will need another 2 or 3 coats around the sides. It will also need a total of around 6 coats on the top. Due to the open grain, the finish soaks into the top a lot more and requires more coats.

*Note: Always let your finish dry the recommended amount of time in between coats.

There you have it! With a little time and patience you can create a nice looking piece to use inside or outside your home.

Tree Stumps for Handcrafted Furniture

I bet you didn’t know that tree stumps make awesome handcrafted furniture pieces-from tables, chairs, stools, and just about anything you can think of these make affordable and nifty pieces. Here’s how you can create your own little table made from a tree stump.


* Tree stump

* Sandpaper (medium and fine grit)

* Polyurethane (high gloss, semi-gloss, satin … whichever you want) I used satin which has just a nice sheen

* Paint brush

The first thing you need to do is get a stump. If you live in the country you might find one driving down the road. Trust me-tree stumps are not hard to find.

Once you find your stump allow it to dry out for at least a month. It’ll lose several pounds and the bark will loosen, making it easier to remove the bark. You can dry the stump outside for a couple of months, then bring it inside for a couple of weeks.

*note: If your stump was already cut and dried when you got it, you can just bring it inside for a couple of weeks.

Now it’s time to remove the bark. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes not so easy.

To remove the stump’s bark, you’ll need these tools:

* A Hammer

* A Pry bar

After your stump has dried inside for a couple of weeks place the pry bar between the bark and the stump. Hammer it to loosen the wood. Then keep hammering or pull the bark loose with your fingers. Keep doing this all the way around the stump until all the bark is completely off.

Refinishing your Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture is frequently exposed to the elements, including rain, snow, ice, sunlight and extreme heat. These pieces involve very precise care, maintenance on at least a semi-regular basis.

For many folks, refinishing wooden outdoor furniture is viewed as a huge hassle. Instead of purchasing new furniture or paying professional painters and repairmen, you can effortlessly refinish wooden outdoor items by following a few easy tips.

Removing the Old Finish

Possibly the only advantage of wooden outdoor furniture being exposed to the elements is the fact that this often loosens old finish, permitting for a moderately painless removal.

Whether you are struggling to remove wood stain or paint, the easiest first step in removing the old finish is to use a power washer or high pressure hose (high pressure hoses can be located at most modern car washes). Spraying the furniture with a power washer or high pressure hose not only removes dirt, but frequently removes additional flaking of the original finish.

Once the item has thoroughly dried, sanding is normally required to remove the left over finish and warrant a smooth and even surface.

Applying the New Finish

When it comes to refinishing most furniture, the technique often comes into question. While some folks prefer to use traditional paintbrushes, foam brushes are an exceptional alternative.

Much like traditional paintbrushes, foam brushes are obtainable in a wide assortment of sizes, allowing for usage in the tiniest of places. The advantages of foam brushes that traditional paintbrushes fail to offer comprise of an even and soft texture, the capacity to soak in excess paint or stain, and virtually mess-free use.

Allowing the New Finish to Dry

The amount of time needed for the paint or stain to dry thoroughly normally depends upon the product and manufacturer. It is noteworthy to study product packaging to warrant you understand the amount of time necessary for complete drying.

Many folks make the error of leaving wet and freshly finished outdoor furniture outside while drying. This often results in dirt being dried into the paint or stain. To avoid unwanted debris from making contact with the finish, it is prudent to allow the finish to dry to a tacky texture and move indoors.

The 411 on Using Colored Pallets

Pallets typically last 4 to 5 years- 8 to 10 when they are the property of a renting company. Colored pallets usually derive from one of these firms.

There are four main pallet pool companies globally that you could be distinguished by color:

Red pallets: pool LPR (La Palette Rouge from Europe)

Red pallets: pool PECO (The Pallet Exchange Company from the USA)

Blue pallets: pool CHEP (Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool from Australia)

Brown pallets: pool IPP (IPP Logipal from Europe)

It might not be a good idea to use them, especially for indoor use. You could very well find traces of formaldehyde and other resins used in the composite blocks. Chances are they have been used to transport chemicals.

Something else to remember: pallets are often used for international shipping, and while most countries use an NPPO/IPPC code, not all countries are doing it, and such countries may not observe the international standards.

If you follow this advice and don’t use unknown pallets as a food cutting board or a headboard or anything for your home, you should be good to go using pallets for DIY projects.

Not Enough Space for Gardening? The 411 on using pallets to grow your veggies! Part II

[KD]: The purpose of kiln-dried lumber is to decrease the moisture content of the wood. This is to control warping, fungal growth, and other features. The kilns or “ovens” the lumber is put into, don’t necessarily reach the constant temperature of 133 degrees Fahrenheit (56 Celsius) that would qualify as heat treated. Many lumber mills are treating their lumber to meet the heat treatment requirements thus you will see “KD-HT” fused in the lumber grade stamp. With cherry and oak wood, it’s important to note that at this temperature sap will seep from within the wood. The sap will coat the wood with a dark stain, making the pallets or crates appear old and worn. In fact, the pallets and crates may be quite new, and their durability has not been compromised by the HT process. KD pallets will not harm your health.

[MB]: Methyl bromide fumigation, this is a potent pesticide (has been responsible for human health problems and ozone layer depletion) used to treat the wood to kill invasive species like pine beetles. This type of treatment is banned in Canada and many other countries because it poses a health risk to workers handling the pallets. It can still be found in some areas. If you find an MB pallet, do not use it for your craft projects or as firewood.

[DB]: These two letters mean the pallet was debarked- many pallets have this stamp. This means that the wood was debarked under IPPC regulations, but it does not matter if your pallet does not have this stamp as many of them do not have it. This procedure removes the bark using a cutting tool, and the pallet wood remains untreated. Pallets marked with the letters DB only are chemical-free and safe to use.

[Other Stamps]: Sometimes, you can find other acronyms stamped on pallets. This stamp, in general, will indicate the name of the pallet inspection firm, a manufacturing company, or an uncommon kind of wood. If you encounter a stamp you’re not sure about or you cannot find any official information, you should avoid this pallet to be on the safe side.

Sometimes you could also see the letters [PRL]; it means that the pallet was verified by the Package Research Laboratory (PRL).