Decorating with Doors


Have you ever hear the saying that someone’s trash is another person’s treasure? While no one is suggesting you go dumpster diving, you might want to keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about. I was loading up some pallets for my makeshift garden and low and behold I noticed an old door sitting on top of a loaded stack. It was dirty but in pretty good shape and I knew that with Murphy’s Oil that this door could add some charm to my home. I had an idea of what I wanted to do so I grabbed her and loaded her into my truck.

As soon as I got home I took the hose to her and dried her off. I took some Murphy’s Oil to her and she looked pretty once again. Grant it she had a little wear and tear, for I’m not sure how old she was-but given her years I knew she would gracefully decorate some room in my house.

I stood her up with the intentions of being a divider. The possibilities were endless. I could paint a design on her, or hang some pictures on her. I hadn’t made up my mind yet. She stood in the corner of my

living room for one week and suddenly I had a better idea-the perfect place for her was to grace my little hallway with her beauty. I sat her behind my little table added some greenery on top and she glowed like she was a brand new door. She added depth to my small hallway between the bedrooms and it was the perfect place. I decided not to do anything as this used door found in a pile of pallets looked charming just the way it was found-aside from a little polishing…it only needed the right place to stand proud once more!

Not Enough Space for Gardening? The 411 on using pallets to grow your veggies! Part I

For those of you who have limited space to grow a garden pallets are the ideal solution for growing pretty much whatever you want. But before you grab your free pallets here’s some things you should know before deciding to use them to grow food.

Not all pallets are safe for growing your garden, and here’s why:

Some pallets have been chemically treated, and that’s not so good if you plan on watching your garden grow. Knowing what to look for when choosing your pallets is very important for your health.

When choosing your pallets carefully lift the and look for a stamp or a mark. Most pallets are not chemically treated and are usually safe, but it’s best to make sure before planting your seedlings.

There are two main things to look for on the stamp:

The IPPC Logo: if you don’t see it, don’t use it! Even if a pallet may be safe without this logo, it could also indicate that it was treated with chemicals!

The treatment code: [HT] = Heat treatment / [MB] = Methyl Bromide / [DB] = Debarked / [KD] = Kiln Dried.

The IPPC logo is for the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) pallets that are used and shipped internationally. These pallets are required to be made of a material that will not carry offensive insect species or plant disease through different countries. To meet the IPPC standards, a pallet cannot be made of raw wood that has not been treated, in other words, all pallets are treated. These pallets must be treated by one of the following methods, and the treatment will be supervised with official agencies. Without this stamp, the pallet may be or not be safe, so you should only use pallets whose source can be traced. .

[HT]: Wooden pallets manufactured in Canada or the US go through a pest control treatment called heat treating (HT) which involves heating the pallet to a minimum core temperature of 56°C for softwoods and 60°C for hardwoods for a minimum of 30 minutes in a kiln. HT pallets will not harm your health.

Get Creative with wooden pallets…make your own tables

Pallets are becoming popular for custom indoor furniture constructions, you may also be in need of some custom furniture pieces, so why not make your dreams come true by using rustic pallets without having to pay a dime? Checkout this DIY mini pallet table-all your need are some chairs and you have a nice little table for your back porch…or wherever! The role of mini tables for you sitting plans is pretty versatile as they are to perform multiple tasks there at one time like they can hold some vases or pots for garnishing of your sitting set, can hold beverage mugs to make your hands free to use while conversing with friends, and even hold your books, mobile phones and journals!

With a little time and ingenuity you can create some nifty pieces for your deck or even inside your home.

If you ask around chances are you can grab some pallets for free-all you need to do is ask. Most businesses leave them sitting around because they don’t know what to do with them, so basically they’re free for the asking. You can keep your designs simple or with a little extra time and money spruce them up-it’s all up to you. Be sure to read my article on using pallets for garden planting.

Wood Pallets for Handmade Furniture and Decor

woodworking (1)Used wood pallets are great material for making furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures, wall decorations and even staircases. Easy to find and usually perceived as waste, wood pallets can be turned into striking masterpieces with creative design and bright paint color or different stains.

You can make your own custom made furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures or wall decorations for any room in the house. Recycling wood pallets is an excellent for designing seating and storage furniture, planters and garden decorations for outdoor living spaces also.

From making storage units, fence and entryway decorations, staircases, planters, chairs and benches  for your backyard designs to modern beds, lighting fixtures, lounge chairs, pet beds and book shelves, recycling wood pallets offers various diy projects that will beautify your outdoor living spaces and enrich green interior design ideas.

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